Where Can You Get a Church Loan?


When your church needs a loan, you can always go to a bank—but if you do, you might be missing out. Unlike banks, church extension funds only work with churches, so they can be more accommodating of your unique needs, and they may offer lower interest rates. You might also find that their staff are more knowledgeable about your church’s potential—many church extension funds have pastors, former pastors, or other ministry leaders on staff, and are primarily funded by church members.

Here’s a list of church extension funds in order of offering circular size:

Lutheran Church Extension Fund

Denomination: Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Offering circular: $1,800,000,000

“Our generous investors and dedicated loan customers have made it possible for us to maintain a strong capital position. We offer competitive rates and ensure your invested funds remain accessible and in your control. With LCEF, you experience the benefits of working with an established financial institution while growing the LCMS.” —learn more at LCEF.org

CDF Capital

Denomination: Churches of Christ
Offering circular: $750,000,000

“We believe the local church is central to God’s plan to fulfill the Great Commission. We help both individuals and churches by resourcing them with Financial Capital, Leadership Capital, and Spiritual Capital. And we do all of this because we believe in the church.” —learn more at CDFCapital.org

AG Financial Solutions

Denomination: Assemblies of God
Offering circular: $750,000,000

“Through our Circle of Ministry approach, our integrated product and service offerings work together to continually support ministry and Kingdom growth. Funds invested are used to lend to growing churches and ministries. Interest paid on these loans provides investors with a competitive rate of return and is also reinvested for Kingdom purposes, providing income to thousands of faith-minded investors, ministry retirees, and countless ministries around the world.” —learn more at AGFinancial.org

Mission Investment Fund

Denomination: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Offering circular: $250,000,000

“MIF specializes in church building projects, so we understand the unique needs of congregations and ministries. We provide special expertise in church building and fundraising. We offer competitive rates and terms. But the most beautiful part of borrowing with MIF is knowing that the interest you pay on your loan helps fund the loans of other ELCA congregations, so that they can share God’s love, too.” —learn more at MIF.ELCA.org

Church Extension Plan

Denomination: Assemblies of God
Offering circular: $200,000,000

“All of our financial tools, programs and guidance are built on biblical principles of financial stewardship. Whether you wish to invest for the future, build your retirement or plan for the next generation, or your church needs to borrow or raise funds to spread the Gospel, we know the bottom line is ministry. We’re here to serve.” —learn more at CEPNET.com

Disciples Church Extension Fund

Denomination: Christian Church/Disciples of Christ
Offering circular: $150,000,000

“Since 1883, Disciples Church Extension Fund has helped Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations plan and finance Holy Places to be used for ministry, for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ from our doorsteps to the end of the Earth. Our primary sources of funds are from Christian people who faithfully entrust dollars to us for the work of God’s Church.” —learn more at DisciplesCEF.org

Christian Investors Financial

Denomination: Evangelical Free Church of America
Offering circular: $125,000,000

“Christian Investor Financial (CIF) Loans provides funds for churches that want to expand and serve others. As a result, churches are empowered to grow, engage with their communities and advance God’s Kingdom. CIF also offers Campaigns & Consulting services, which pair well with CIF Loans to meet the financial and spiritual needs of churches.” —learn more at ChristianInvestors.org

National Covenant Properties

Denomination: Evangelical Covenant Church
Offering circular: $125,000,000

“Whether you’re looking for real estate to build a new facility or expand your current space, or considering a loan for church improvements, NCP helps you navigate the process with passion, integrity and wisdom. We’ve been serving Evangelical Covenant Church member churches since 1970, and currently provide more than $285 million in loans to more than 300 Covenant projects. . . . When you sense God calling your ministry toward program or facility growth, you need a ready partner. We’re here for you, so that, together, we help grow God’s Kingdom.” —learn more at NationalCovenantProperties.org

Converge Cornerstone Fund

Denomination: Converge
Offering circular: $120,000,000

“We understand churches. For 60 years, we’ve only made loans to churches. We focus in on what we do best, and our experience with church lending allows us to offer the best products tailored specifically for churches.” —learn more at CornerStoneToday.org

Alliance Development Fund

Denomination: Christian Missionary Alliance
Offering circular: $118,000,000

“ADF’s primary ministry continues to be helping churches obtain the buildings they need to better reach, build, equip, multiply, and send people.” —learn more at ADF-Inc.com


Denomination: United Methodist Church
Offering circular: $100,000,000

“UMDF is a nonprofit corporation resulting from the 1969 merger of the Methodist Investment Fund and the Evangelical United Brethren Investment Fund.

“Its sole purpose is to promote the mission of The United Methodist Church by providing first-mortgage loans for building, expanding, refinancing, site acquisition and renovating United Methodist churches and mission institutions.” —learn more at UMDevelopmentFund.org

Cornerstone Fund

Denomination: United Church of Christ
Offering circular: $80,000,000

“The Cornerstone Fund works to strengthen local churches in the United Church of Christ by offering real estate-secured loans that help churches repair, renovate, and expand their facilities, improve accessibility, refinance real estate debt, and more. Funding loans with investments from churches, organizations, and individuals throughout the denomination, the Cornerstone Fund enables its clients to expand their stewardship by helping to energize established local churches across the country. Through the work accomplished by the Cornerstone Fund, we celebrate and advance the ministry of Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of our faith.” —learn more at CornerstoneFund.org

RCA Church Growth Fund

Denomination: Reformed Church in America
Offering circular: $79,000,000

“The Reformed Church in America Church Growth Fund, Inc. (CGF) supports the work and witness of the RCA by making loans to churches, classes, and other agencies and affiliates for the purpose of purchasing, constructing, or improving facilities.” —learn more at RCA.org/Church-Growth-Fund


Denomination: Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Offering circular: $38,000,000

“Our Loan Department provides assistance to qualified mission congregations seeking a church mortgage through WELS CEF.” —learn more at WELS.net

United Pentacostal Church Loan Fund

Denomination: United Pentacostal Church International
Offering circular: $35,000,000

“The United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund offers loans up to $1,500,000.00 directly to UPCI churches, ministries, and endorsed projects.” —learn more at UPCILoanFund.org

Church Investors Fund

Denomination: North American Baptist Conference
Offering circular: $35,000,000

“When a church needs to expand, it can count on us as a partner in ministry. We lend funds only to North American Baptist (NAB) and like minded churches and ministries, and only to those that meet our lending requirements. We also helps churches plan and evaluate projects. By working with the church’s Association, Regional Minister and the NAB conference office supporting church health, we create a support team that nurtures a church through the entire expansion process.” —learn more at CEIF.org

Texas CEF

Denomination: Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Offering circular: $25,000,000

“Texas CEF started in 1888 with the idea that if Christians participated together, their investments could be used to provide loans for congregations. Since that first investment of $150 in 1888, the ministry is essentially the same . . . individuals and congregations invest in the Church Extension Fund and CEF makes loans to churches. After 125 years, God is still blessing the Church Extension Fund in Texas.” —learn more at TexasCEF.org

CRC Loan Fund

Denomination: Christian Reformed Church
Offering circular: $20,000,000

“The Loan Fund offers loans to Christian Reformed Churches in the United States for the acquisition or construction of church facilities, parsonages, and land. Loans are also made for improvements and repairs to church property. These loans are usually made with rates and fees that are generally more favorable than those offered by traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions.” —learn more at CRCNA.org/LoanFund

Ohio CEF

Denomination: Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Offering circular: $12,000,000

“The Ohio District Lutheran Extension Fund (ODLCEF) has a rich legacy of providing funds for new mission congregations and schools throughout Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, building first worship and educational facilities through the use of affordable loans.

“Connecting that legacy to the generation of the present, Church Extension continues to support the needs of our missions, congregations, schools and professional church workers. Church Extension provides a source of affordable loans for buying, building, expanding, renovating, and equipping facilities for the preaching, teaching and reaching of God’s message of hope and salvation.” —learn more at OhioCEF.org

Church Growth Fund

Denomination: Converge Northwest
Offering circular: $10,000,000

“The Church Growth Fund, located in Tacoma Washington, is an investment group dedicated to the affiliated churches, members and supporters within the Converge NW district of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.” —learn more at ChurchGrowthFund.org

Rocky Mtn. UM Foundation

Denomination: United Methodist Church
Offering circular: $5,466,605

“The Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation seeks to support churches, agencies, and individuals in their efforts to be faithful stewards of their financial resources. By providing loans for capital improvements, crafting financial strategies, targeting investment vehicles, and educating donors regarding charitable gifts, the Foundation works to strengthen ministries of United Methodist Churches locally and worldwide.” —learn more at RM-UMF.org

Southern CEF

Denomination: Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Offering circular: $3,000,000

“Over the years since 1888, when the end of year assets totaled $86.45, the CEF has grown to more than $27,000,000 in assets as generation after generation of Southern District Christians have invested their dollars in a variety of CEF plans and services. The Church Extension Fund has made loans to Congregations in the district for the purchase of property, construction of new facilities, parsonages, and the repair and renovation of existing structures. CEF Funds are also available to congregations for the building of schools and day care centers. Over ninety percent of the congregations in the Southern District have benefited from a CEF loan.” —learn more at SouthernCEF.org

Know any other places to get a church loan?

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Ryan is a volunteer team leader for Young Life and a writer for Overthink Group. He’s passionate about outreach ministry and bringing the gospel to the ever-changing world of kids.


    1. I think a lot of these organizations provide church loans for other purposes as well, but it really does depend on what you want it for, and if your church meets their criteria. You’d have to reach out to them to see if they provide loans for your situation.

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