Where Can You Get a Church Loan?


When your church needs a loan, you can always go to a bank—but if you do, you might be missing out. Unlike banks, church extension funds only work with churches, so they can be more accommodating of your unique needs, and they may offer lower interest rates. You might also find that their staff are more knowledgeable about your church’s potential—many church extension funds have pastors, former pastors, or other ministry leaders on staff, and are primarily funded by church members.

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Best Giving Software Options for Churches


Church giving has changed a lot in recent years. As the world becomes increasingly mobile, people are using less checks and relying less on cash. During the holidays, Amazon has reported that nearly 70% of their transactions come from smartphones. Even the way people buy coffee is changing: Starbucks recently saw 29% of their transactions come from mobile devices. Almost one third of the people standing in line with you for a grande white chocolate americano with steamed cream are buying with their phone.

Is your church ready to do something about it?

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Best Church Management Software Options


Good data is one of the key ingredients of healthy modern churches. Volunteers need to know when and where they’re supposed to be to help out. Staff need to keep track of member information to make sure no one gets lost in the cracks. And you need safe, secure ways for parents to check-in their kids. Most church management software can do this and more.

There are lots of church management software providers that claim to be the best, but how do they compare? We’ve taken the time to draw out some of the key differences to help your church find what you need.

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Best Church Staffing Agencies


You want to hire someone who fits your church culture and aligns with your mission, vision, and beliefs. Maybe you’re looking for a particular set of qualities or experience your team is lacking. Maybe you’re not sure what kind of person you need yet. Whoever you’re looking for, a church staffing agency is a great way to find the people you need.

We’ve taken the time to identify some of the best agencies, so you can find the best people.

Here are the best church staffing agencies:

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3 Responsive Readings for Easter


To say that Easter’s a big deal would be an understatement. It’s the pinnacle of the Christian year. On this critical day, churches are packed with enthusiastic worshipers and seekers desperately needing the life-changing power of the resurrection.

This isn’t a day for spectators—this is a day where everyone should be involved. You want people singing their hearts out and listening carefully to a soul-stirring message.
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6 Qualities of an Exceptional Church Receptionist


The church receptionist plays an important role in the church, so you don’t want to throw any warm body in front of a phone. You’re hiring a trusted gatekeeper to bring order out of chaos.

When filling a receptionist position, you’re not just hiring a set of skills. You’re looking for a cultural fit—someone who will contribute to the overall character of the entire church.
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Top 10 Electric Guitars for Worship Leaders


Whether you’re looking for an electric guitar for worship or for your son or daughter to play, we’ve put together some solid choices for budget-minded electrics.

The time has never been better for getting a quality electric at a fair price. The cost of manufacturing has gone way down—and so has the price for many of the parts. This means that you can end up with a great guitar without breaking the bank.
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