100+ Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Sunday school


If you’re searching for free Thanksgiving coloring pages, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re putting together a Sunday school lesson about thankfulness or just looking for an easy, quick children’s activity, these coloring pages will make your job a lot easier. All 100+ of these options are free—all you have to do is pick out your favorites.

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This isn’t an exhaustive list—if I missed a good Thanksgiving coloring page, please leave a comment!

Set: 6 simple Thanksgiving coloring pages

Free thanksgiving coloring page set
Image credit: Meet Penny

This set of Thanksgiving coloring pages from MeetPenny.com includes six different options—including a turkey, pilgrims, and a boat.

Detailed Thanksgiving coloring sheets (pumpkin, cornucopia, and turkey)

Cornucopia thanksgiving coloring page
Image credit: Educational Insights

If you’re putting together an activity for more advanced children, you might be interested in these Thanksgiving coloring sheets—they’re a bit more detailed than most. The set includes a cornucopia, two different pumpkins, and a turkey.

Thanksgiving coloring sheets with words

Thanksgiving coloring pages with words
Image credit: Celebration Doodles

Many of the coloring pages in this set include words (“Happy Thanksgiving” being the most common).

My favorite coloring page from the set is hardly even a coloring page (see it featured above). However, it provides a space for children to write what they’re most thankful for. This makes it easy to integrate it into many Sunday school lessons, and also helps kids reflect on their blessings.

Thanksgiving placemat coloring sheet

Thanksgiving placemat
Image credit: Kids Activities Blog

If you’re planning a small Thanksgiving meal for your class, you’ll want something that helps keep the kids occupied while you put it together. These coloring sheets are made with a Thanksgiving meal in mind and can help make setting the table fun.

Thanksgiving placemat coloring sheets (version 2!)

Thanksgiving placemats
Image credit: Kids Activities Blog

Kids Activities Blog put together another set of festive Thanksgiving placements, this time with a different design aesthetic. If nothing from the previous set caught your eye, check these out!

Pilgrims thank God coloring page

Pilgrims give thanks to God coloring page
Image credit: Ministry to Children

This is one of the more overtly religious Thanksgiving coloring sheets. It’s bordered by the following caption:

The pilgrims were grateful to God for His love; for all of the blessings He’d sent from above.

New friends, many lessons, such hardship and strife . . . they rejoiced to the One who had given them life!

Thankfulness tree coloring page

Thankful tree coloring sheet
Image credit: Ministry to Children

This coloring sheet can both be used as a simple coloring page for young children, and as part of a larger Thanksgiving activity for older children (maybe they can add examples of things they’re thankful for to the tree trunk, or as leaves!). Either way, this coloring page is a great choice for Sunday school Thanksgiving lessons.

Thanksgiving dinner coloring page

Image credit: Ministry to Children
Image credit: Ministry to Children

This Thanksgiving coloring sheet features a family praying around a dinner table, along with an banner that reads “Be thankful in all things!”

While this might not be the best choice for every Sunday school class—you want to be cognizant of different family situations and make sure that your lesson is inclusive and respectful—it’s still a good at-home option.

Easy turkey coloring page

Easy-to-draw turkey coloring sheet
Image credit: Crayola

An easy-to-draw turkey struts across this Thanksgiving coloring sheet from Crayola.

Easy cornucopia coloring page

Easy cornucopia coloring page
Image credit: Crayola

This simple cornucopia is backed by a banner that reads “Happy Thanksgiving.”  Since it’s a simple coloring sheet, it’s good choice for younger children.

Charlie Brown & Snoopy Thanksgiving coloring sheet

Snoopy thanksgiving coloring sheet
Image credit: ChildColoring.blogspot.com

Prominent Peanuts characters star in this Thanksgiving coloring sheet.

Autumn thankfulness coloring page

Thanksgiving coloring page
Image credit: Ministry to Children

This coloring page highlights the fun that can be had in the fall season and includes some autumn classics—falling leaves and gourds.

Autumn is a time to play, let’s thank God for every day.

Thanksgiving riddles coloring sheets

Thanksgiving riddles coloring sheet
Image credit: DLTK

What kind of music did the pilgrims like?

These coloring sheets have corresponding riddles that are easy enough for most kids to grasp. (Also, if you really needed my help—the pilgrims liked Plymouth Rock.)

Thanksgiving draw-the-details coloring pages

Draw the details thanksgiving coloring page
Image credit: DLTK

These coloring pages are a bit more advanced. While most of the lines are drawn in, the details are up to the child. Kids who are a bit older, more advanced, or interested in drawing will especially appreciate the freedom.

The draw-the-details series from DLTK includes a variety of coloring sheets, including a pumpkin, boy, and girl.

Set: 15+ turkey coloring pages

15+ turkey coloring pages
Image credit: coloring.ws

This set of turkey coloring pages contains more than 15 simple turkey coloring sheets. They’re all generally done in the style shown above.

Mickey Mouse thanksgiving coloring sheet

Mickey Mouse thanksgiving coloring page
Image credit: Disney

Disney fans will be interested in this Thanksgiving coloring page! In it, Mickey and friends sit over a Thanksgiving feast.

Mickey Mouse thanksgiving activity sheet

Mickey Mouse activity coloring page
Image credit: Disney

This is another Mickey Mouse–themed coloring page from Disney. This one includes a maze and a small box to list the things you’re thankful for.

Thanksgiving coloring sheet set

Thanksgiving coloring pages
Image credit: MrPrintables

These coloring sheets from MrPrintables have a simple, angular design. The set includes a handful of different coloring pages—two pilgrims, a turkey, and other harvest decor.

Thanksgiving dinner coloring page

Thanksgiving coloring sheets from What's in the Bible
Image credit: What’s in the Bible

This coloring page shows a Thanksgiving dinner scene and a banner with a Bible verse (Deuteronomy 12:7).

Thanksgiving Bible verse coloring page

Bible verse Thanksgiving coloring page
Image credit: What’s in the Bible

This Thansgiving coloring page primarily features a Bible verse (Psalm 107:1). It also contains some familiar autumn-themed design elements.

Thanksgiving turkey coloring page

turkey thanksgiving coloring page
Image credit: Parents.com

If you’re looking for a straightforward, simple turkey coloring page, this might just be the ticket!

Happy Thanksgiving printable

Happy Thanksgiving printible
Image credit: Parents.com

Kids will have fun choosing different colors for the corn cobs (check out glass gem corn as inspiration!)—and since the pumpkins are detail free, you could even have kids use that space to write or draw something they’re thankful for.

Cornucopia printable coloring sheet

Cornucopia thanksgiving printable coloring sheet
Image credit: Parents.com

A variety of fruits and vegetables adorn this coloring page, encouraging kids to experiment with a variety of colors.

Pilgrim with scarecrow coloring sheet

Scarecrow and pilgrim coloring page
Image credit: Big Activities

A pilgrim stands next to a scarecrow in this autumn-themed printable coloring sheet from Big Activities. Be sure to check out the related coloring sheets—there are quite a few others!

Scarecrow coloring sheet

Scarecrow coloring page
Image credit: Honking Donkey

A pilgrim stands next to a scarecrow in this autumn-themed printable coloring sheet from Big Activities.

Wild turkey Thanksgiving page

Wild turkey printable coloring sheet
Image credit: Honking Donkey

This coloring page displays a turkey in a field. Unlike many of the other coloring pages, it opts for a realistic approach instead of a cartoony one.

Tom turkey Thanksgiving page

Tom turkey printable
Image credit: Honking Donkey

This is one of the more advanced, realistic free turkey coloring pages. Older children will get a chance to show off their growing dexterity with the added complexity of this image.

Dressed Thanksgiving page

Thanksgiving coloring sheet set
Image credit: One Creative Mommy

This coloring page shows a whimsical turkey dressed in a blazer and pilgrim’s hat.

Thanksgiving word art coloring pages

Thanksgiving word art coloring page
Image credit: Dawn Nicole

These two Thanksgiving coloring pages from Dawn Nicole feature beautiful word art and uplifting quotes about thankfulness.

1 Chronicles 16:8 Thanksgiving coloring sheet

Bible verse thanksgiving coloring page
Image credit: A Kid’s Heart

This coloring sheet incorporates a Bible verse, 1 Chronicles 16:8.

Set: Thanksgiving coloring pages with text boxes

Set of free thanksgiving coloring images with text box
Image credit: lilluna.com

Each coloring page in this set from liluna.com includes a space for children to write some of the things they’re most thankful for—a great supplement to many Thanksgiving Sunday school lessons.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Thanksgiving coloring sheet

Thanksgiving Bible coloring sheet
Image credit: christianpreschoolprintables.com

This Thanksgiving coloring sheet incorporates a Bible verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, as well as the ever-present cornucopia.

Thanksgiving free-form coloring sheet

Thanksgiving Bible worksheet
Image credit: BibleStoryPrintables.com

This is more of a worksheet option that asks kids to draw some of the things they’re most thankful for.

Huge (100+ page) collection of Thanksgiving coloring sheets

Thanksgiving color page collection
Image credit: Raising Our Kids

Raising Our Kids has a huge collection of printable Thanksgiving coloring pages available on their site—if you haven’t found one yet, you’ll be sure to find one there!


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